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Using Argan Oil for Skin and Body - ArzoyiArzoyi

Using Argan Oil for Skin and Body

Argan oil has been part of my daily regimen for quire sometime and I have gained immensely from it. I am going to show how you can also integrate this nature’s elixir in your daily life for maximum benefit.

Argan oil has vitamin E (tocopherol) in abundance and using it on a daily basis helps your skin and body by protecting, healing, and nourishing it. The rigors of every day life take a toll on your body and if you start neglecting it, it starts to show. By using argan oil, you can not only show some TLC but also reverse some of the aging effects. Make sure you consider some of the following when using argan oil:

Use it as a face moisturizer.

After cleaning your face, massage a few drops of argan oil directly onto your skin. Arzoyi argan oil is very light and will absorb very quickly without leaving your skin feeling oily.

Use it as a toner.

You can mix it with your brand of toner and multiply the benefits instantly.

Using it to moisturize your lips.

With your fingers, apply the oil onto your lips to protect them from the sun. Additionally, you can add a few drops of oil to fine brown sugar and apply it to your lips as a home based scrub treatment remedy.

Use it to heal your cracked heels or cuticles.

Take a few drops and gently rub the oil into your cuticles to stimulate nail growth or massage into your heels before going to bed to repair & soothe cracked heels.

Using it as bath oil.

This is my personal favorite. Add a few drops to your bath, check how smooth, silky and supple your skin will feel afterwards. Just like a baby. The anti oxidants in argan oil do an amazing job rejuvenating dry and aged skin. Another thing you can do is exfoliating during your bathing routine.

Apply it on stretch marks.

Massage the oil on your belly when pregnant to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Not only will this keep your skin soft, but also reduce inflammation. Apply it on joints to soothe them as well.

De-cluttering your beauty routine has never been this simple.

With a variety of options to choose from, argan oil is the most indulgent body care alternative to loads of unnatural products while leaving your skin feeling nourished, your hair healthy, and above all, your beauty looking radiant!