How To Use Argan Oil for Different Hair Types

Argan Oil Hair Types Uses
Argan oil, otherwise known as liquid gold, comes from the nut of the Argan tree. Most commonly found in Morocco, the Argan tree is known to have enough strength to survive harsh weather conditions. Since the demand for this precious ingredient has exponentially grown, it has given members of the community a chance to provide a better life for their families. Making a positive impact on social economics, the production of Argan oil supports over 2.2 million people.
Now in mass production, Argan oil has reveled its plethora of uses. Most commonly used in the beauty industry it can benefit the entire body. Its hydrating ingredients help soften skin and quench thirsty cuticles. This Oil is used quite often in the hair industry. Many product manufactures have created their own version of Argan but may have added further ingredients. It is so popular because of its ability to benefit all hair types. Although it seems impossible for one product to satisfy super tight curls and hair that is paper thin, it is all in the way it is used. Whether using it straight from the bottle, or adding it to your favorite deep conditioner, it is impossible not to benefit from this popular product.
Argan Oil for Dry and Damaged
As mentioned earlier, the Argan tree is known for its ability to survive tough environments. With this being said, it is believed that when used n hair it can survive just as well. Hair that is dry and damaged tends to drink oil rapidly but these conditions are no match for Argan. Packed with loads of vitamin E Argan helps to restore and condition the hair. The presence of proteins Omegas 3 and 9 help to repair damaged strands.

Check Out these Steps On How to Condition Your Hair Using Argan Oil Treatment

A great way to condition hair is to perform a Argan deep conditioning treatment. Here are the steps:
1. Heat Argan oil in the microwave for 15-30 seconds, this will help activate the formula.
2. Mix with your current conditioner and stir.
3. Place on hair from root to tip and cover with a plastic cap.
4. Sitting under a dryer is optional. Doing this will help enhance penetration of both the oil and conditioner.
5. After 20 minutes remove and rinse.
6. Style as desired.
Argan Oil for Kinks and Curls
Kinky hair types normally have a very tight curl pattern. Unlike hair that is bone straight, natural oils provided by the scalp aren’t enough to efficiently hydrate; this is where Argan oil steps in. Giving the hair and Argan overnight treatment can help compensate for lack of hydration. Argan is an oil with molecules small enough to penetrate hair strands. This allows hair that isn’t easily manageable to become softer and smoother. Here is how you do it:
1. Saturate the hair from root to tip using Argan oil.
2. Massage well, ensuring it begins to penetrate.
3. Cover hair with plastic cap or scarf to trap heat, this will help release more nutrients into the hair strands (and protect your pillow).
4. In the morning remove the cap then shampoo and style.
Argan Oil for Thinning Hair
As if Argan oil doesn’t have enough powers, it also has the ability to reverse thinning hair. Argan helps by improving blood circulation in the scalp. This will help to regenerate hair follicles resulting in hair growth. Argan oil can actually help reboot follicles that have been compromised by free radicals. It eliminates these harmful toxins allowing cells to perform normally. One of the best things to improve thinning hair is massage. Use Argan oil twice per week to massage thinning areas to restore hair growth.
Argan oil has many benefits and Arzoyi Argan Oil can help deliver them. Use it to add shine to a style or reverse a more serious hair issue. This amazing product will leave your hair hydrated, soft, and strong no matter the condition!