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  • Argan Oil FAQ Wiki

Q: What is Argan oil?

A: Argan oil is a tree based oil that is harvested from the fruit of the Argan tree. It is one of the most expensive and rare oils in the world. It is derived from the Argan tree which is typically found only in South-western Morocco. The Argan tree kernel is cold pressed by hand & stone following traditional methods of extraction.

Q: What makes Arzoyi the preferred premium brand of Argan oil?

A: Arzoyi Argan oil is 100% natural, pure, and organic. It is certified USDA Organic by the US based office of ECOCERT ICO. Through out the process, beginning with caring for the trees, to the extraction of Argan oil, from transporting it to US (by air), to bottling and packaging, at every step of the way an extremely stringent quality process is followed. At Arzoyi, when it comes to quality, no detail is small enough to be overlooked.

Q: Is Arzoyi argan oil organic certified?

A: Yes, we are USDA Organic certified by the US office of ECOCERT ICO. The USDA Organic & ECOCERT ICO seals are displayed prominently on the product.

Q: What are the benefits of Argan oil?

A: Argan oil has numerous benefits when it comes to healing, protecting and rejuvenating your hair and body. Being rich in vitamin E, immediate benefits are increased elasticity in skin that results in fewer wrinkles and a more youthful appearance. The ultra moisturizing attributes allow Argan oil to take effect immediately. Argan oil application on hair lends it moisturizing capability as well as frizz reducer. The vitamin E rich oil does wonders to your cuticles and nails by fortifying the nail bed with essential nutrients that help to decrease breakage.

Q: What does Arzoyi Argan oil smell like?

A: Arzoyi is the purest, natural Argan oil and therefore has a slight nutty aroma. If this is your first time, it may take a few minutes getting used to. (Eventually, you will love it). We do not dilute or deodorize it and use it the way nature intended it. On application, the aroma dissipates and does not linger and you get to use it in the most effective manner.

Q: What is the difference between scented and unscented argan oil?

A: Unscented oil goes through a deodorization process that removes the natural scent associated with argan oil. The deodorization process removes the scent along with many important nutrients that makes Argan oil so great in the first place.

Q: Why do some companies use glass bottles while others use plastic bottle?

A: Dark amber¬†glass bottles provide the best protection from light sources that may damage the oil’s sensitive nature over a period of time.¬†The attention and care that goes along with providing a premium brand cannot be compromised for the sake of cost savings and profiteering. Translucent plastic bottles may be easier to ship and handle but the damaging exposure to plastic and harmful light can taint the product leaving it ineffective.

Q: There is cheaper Argan oil available on internet. Are they legit?

A: There are quite a few online stores that sell Argan oil cheaper than Arzoyi. However, please be aware that the less expensive brands are either not pure, not organic or diluted with other chemicals, cheap oils or preservatives. Arzoyi is a premium brand and we believe that we have the best price for the best quality possible.

Q: If I have oily skin can I still use Arzoyi Argan oil?

A: Yes, Arzoyi Argan oil has the ability to be used with all skin types. We always suggest applying the Argan oil immediately after washing so that the oil can be used to counter balance the skins natural oil production. By supplementing the skins natural oil, argan oil’s rich Vitamin E and fatty acids acts as a barrier to protect and nourish skin.

Img Credit: Matthias Dengler