Argan Oil – 7 Glow Secrets

Moroccan Argan oil has been known for centuries to the Berber people for its rejuvenation and healing properties. It is only now that the western science is catching up with this amazing oil and now they can’t get enough of it. Here is how I like to use my Arzoyi argan oil and it works like a charm.

1. Leave On Conditioner: After a shower, add a few drops of argan oil on your still wet hair and lightly massage it on from root to tip.

2. Fizz Be Gone: Dab some argan oil on your palm and rub them to warm the oil a bit. Lightly massage it on your hair and run it through.

3. Glow Instant: Add a few drops of argan oil in your foundation, BB cream, moisturizer, or bronzer.

4. Hydrating Toner. Mix a few drops in rose water. Using some cotton, apply on your face and gently rub.

5. Bath & Body oil: Massage argan oil directly on your skin or a few drops into your bath.

6. Cuticle Softener: Massage argan oil into cuticles to soften, moisturize, and encourage growth.

7. Lip Scrub: Mix a few drops of argan oil with brown sugar and massage on your lips. Rinse.