Argan Oil for Stretch Marks During and After Pregnancy

When you get pregnant, your world changes, and it definitely changes for the better. You are now starting a new life, which is going to be absolutely fun filled but at the same time new challenges have to be accepted. (Some like me say that challenge is also part of the fun).

From Belly to Baby: Argan oil, Pregnancy, and Stretch marks

Argan oil Stretch Marks PregnancyIf its your first pregnancy, after the initial doctor visit is over, the fun and exciting part begins with the baby shower planning and choosing the registry items. For most couples this is the time to visit and dive into the great American baby super stores. With this visit comes the review and analysis of all the variety of products to choose from. Your mind is racing from durability to safety to effectiveness of all that you want to offer to your baby.
In these exciting and busy moments, you should not forget to take time out from your busy regimen to consider healthy choices for yourself, such as the amazing and versatile argan oil. This oil, which contains rich amounts of vitamin E and essential fatty acids, will nourish and hydrate your skin providing it the much needed nutrients.

Body Will Undergo Drastic Changes

With pregnancy, your body will undergo drastic changes. The traditional thought prevalent is that your body’s new hormonal state will make your hair healthy and shiny, and not to forget that glow which often times friends and strangers alike will compliment you about. However, you and especially your mothers will take your health concerns a notch higher often leaving you stressful.
Keep in mind that the physical and hormonal changes you face during these times are not permanent. With time, these will go away. You have now gone into full gear trying to nourish and grow a new life within you. This is what leads to increase in your body’s blood flow which subsequently results in healthy skin and hair. In certain cases, pregnancy may leave your skin dry and this may pose further problems as the skin, especially around your belly will stretch.
Stretch marks and how to handle it is one of the deepest linger fear among women all over the world. Besides belly, other body areas like breasts, hips and legs are prone to stretch marks. After you have delivered, many of these stretch marks may or may not fade, or they may take on the appearance of slight wrinkles. Good news is there is a whole host of moisturizers and creams available that you can apply to reduce or sometimes even eliminate these stretch marks. It definitely helps to start sooner than later when applying these creams.

Argan Oil Has Loads of Vit E

Research has shown that oils with ingredients containing Vitamin E, hydrolusates, fatty acids, elastin, and menthol can severely help reduce or over time make these stretch marks disappear.
Argan oil is your natures gift which is an excellent, effective, and pregnancy friendly option for your skin. Argan oil is loaded with Vitamin E and essential fatty acids that will fight even the most stubborn of stretch marks. Pure and natural Arzoyi Argan oil is free of any toxic ingredients such as petrochemicals, parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances or dyes, GMOs, and triclosan.
Best of all, due to its multifaceted uses, Arzoyi Argan oil will help keep your cabinet clutter-free as the oil can also help nourish and hydrate dry facial skin and clear up irregular acne without leaving your skin looking or feeling greasy. Simply rub it in on a regular basis for skin that can easily grow with your baby.

Argan oil for Hair and Nails

During pregnancy, your hair and nails are also going through changes. When in your second trimester, your hair may feel thicker and heavier. You may see more shine and bounce. Interesting part is not that you are growing more hair. In stead, due to the pregnancy related hormonal changes in your body, you are simply losing hair at a slower rate. Thats why you get a feeling that your hair is thicker and heavier. During pregnancy, estrogen reaches a higher level in the growth phase leading to a thicker mane.
Pretty much all women love this fact about pregnancy. Unfortunately, once you have delivered the baby, hair loss may resume its usual pace and the thick head of hair may no longer be there. Thats why its important to protect and heal your hair. One way you can take care of your hair is by not indulging in excessive brushing and washing as that could damage your strands. Arzoyi argan oil is, again, an excellent remedy. Right after you shower, take a few drops and apply to your still wet hair. Let it sit some time before drying your hair.
Due to its much touted versatility, the popular part of using Argan oil during your pregnancy is that, like a swiss army knife, it is a multipurpose tool. Instead of getting robbed blind with a full cabinet of sub par products, invest in a purchase that you can use with effective results well into your postpartum days. Another thing that I personally used it for and which is my favorite….I applied it on my baby’s skin as well.
Arzoyi argan oil is USDA Organic certified, it contains just one ingredient – Argan oil, and comes in a dark colored amber bottle. All these qualities make it a premium argan oil that was started by a mother for the mothers out there.