Summer Time Calls for Argan Oil

Summer is fast approaching, Yay! After a long and dreary winter on East Coast, I am sure many of you can’t wait for summer to begin already.
However with summer comes the plethora of issues ranging from humidity to heat. Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing more that I love than hanging out by the pool and endless barbecues. But this is certainly not the time to trifle with your hair and skin care.
All the hard work that you have put in caring for your hair and skin, you cannot now neglect it during the summer fun.

Summertime Argan Oil Tips

So here are some of the tips I use to ensure no only my hair, but even my face and skin continue to be well nourished and look radiant.
One big mistake I see a lot of my friends make. When they pack their beach bags, suntan lotion is definitely in. But what about your hair? Doesn’t you hair need the protection from the harsh rays of the sun?
So make sure when you put that bottle of suntan lotion in your beach bag, you compliment it with a bottle of pure organic argan oil which can be applied on the hair to protect it from the harsh UV rays.
Inordinate amount of exposure to the sun, not only dries your hair but saps out all the nutrients from it. A small layer of argan oil is sufficient to protect it and also to nourish and rejuvenate your hair.

Extended Sun Exposure May Damage Your Skin & Hair

Each one of us is guilty one time or the other when subjected to suns merciless rays for too long leading to burnt scalp and itchy skin that lasted for days afterwards.
You can wrap yourself in a towel and wear a hat in the pool but these are not practical solutions. Applying yourself with pure argan oil can keep your skin and hair hydrated and protected.
This was you can better enjoy your vacation without any nagging thought at the back of your mind telling you again and again about the hair issues afterwards.
The sun’s rays and heat are not the only challenges one has to deal with when in the pool. There is chlorine and many other chemicals in the water which can negatively impact your skin and hair. If left untreated after the pool session, it can actually damage your hair as well as you skin.
USDA certified argan oil is your go to miracle oil which can help protect you from the nature’s brunt and keep your hair and skin radiant and healthy.
Happy summer and hope you guys have a great time frolicking in the water.