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Argan Oil Benefits

Argan oil is a natural product harvested from the fruit of the Argan tree. Argan oil has variety of uses and benefits ranging from protecting, healing, & rejuvenation which have been known for centuries to the native people – Berber – of the region.

Argan Oil – All Skin types, All Year round

The ‘Liquid Gold’, as the oil is known among its ever growing ardent fans, is extracted by hand from the fruit of a thorny tree that is indegenous to southwest Morocco. Argan oil has Vitamin E in abundance. According to American dermatologists, there is overwhelming evidence showing that regular application of Argan oil soothes the dry rough skin and gives hair a healthy shine. Argan oil also helps hydrate skin, fight signs of aging, and restore health to hair. Another popular use of this oil is to tame unruly & frizzy hair.
Argan oil is very versatile, it can be applied directly to the hair, cuticles or skin. It also forms an excellent base so it can be mixed with other products like moisturizers etc. Argan oil’s nutrient-rich composition—including vitamin E and an omega-6 fatty acid called linoleic acid that has anti-inflammatory properties—makes it healthy for the skin. These qualities and antioxidants help protect your skin from sun and free-radical damage when absorbed by the skin.

Things To Consider When Buying Argan Oil

Not all Argan oil is same. Some don’t even come close. Due to the expensive and limited supply of this popular commodity, to cut costs, unfortunately many of those involved in the supply chain have taken to diluting this oil with other cheap and impure additives. In industry parlance, this is called cutting. Sometimes you can easily tell by noticing the following details –

    1. Sparse details about the company on their website.
    2. Being sold at unreasonable cheap prices.
    3. Unprofessional packaging and marketing.
    4. Being sold in anything other than dark glass bottles.
    5. Incomplete and/or inaccurate information on the company website.

Argan Oil Benefits

Hair: Argan oil is an extremely popular hair care product and there are good reasons behind it. Its an excellent product to tame the frizz, resolve split ends, add moisture to course hair as well as add shine to the hair. I usually apply it to my hair after shower while it is still a bit damp for an all over deep treatment or just take a few drops and apply to the ends after you blow dry your hair.
Scalp: If you have a dry or itchy scalp, dab a few drops of argan oil on to a cotton ball apply to your scalp. If you do this in the nighttime before you go to sleep, it will give time for the oil to moisturize your scalp. You can then wash your hair in the morning.
Face: It might seem unconventional to apply pure argan oil to your face, especially if you have oily prone acne skin, but I have been doing just that and my skin stays hydrated and nourished. The face is smooth, clear and radiant, all thanks to using argan oil as my daily morning moisturizer.
Body: One can use argan oil as a full body moisturizer, just like you would use any body cream. At Arzoyi, we firmly stand behind using argan oil right after you get out of shower for best moisturizing results.
Hands: Your hands would love argan oil. If your cuticles or nails are prone to cracking and peeling, argan oil would work wonders.

Arzoyi Argan oil – How Are We Different

Arzoyi Argan Oil is Organic certified by ECOCERT ICO. Arzoyi Argan oil proudly displays the USDA Organic seal on its packaging. No detail is small enough for us when it comes to delivering a premium product that not only promises but also delivers.

Arzoyi Argan oil has a free acidity rate of 0.31%, Peroxide rate of 1.6%, and a defect rate of 0.00%.

Arzoyi makes available only Triple Extra Virgin Argan oil. The quality of Argan Oil is measured using scientific precision. There are 7 x grades into which all Argan Oil will fit into depending on the quality of the Argan kernel and extraction method. The grade of the oil will have a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of the oil for cosmetic purposes and the bulk value of the oil differs accordingly. Triple Extra Virgin Argan oil is 100-150% more expensive than Virgin Argan Oil.
Arzoyi was founded on a mothers need to access high quality & safe argan oil which enables maximum healing, protection, & rejuvenation. We do all the hard work in ensuring that our partners and collaborators in the supply chain adhere to the highest standards so that you get nothing but the best.
By choosing Arzoyi argan oil, you are choosing natural radiance for your hair & skin. Glow on!
– Arzoyi

Img Credit: Marek Hambalek